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  • 圣誕節祝福語英文簡短 圣誕節快樂祝福語英語

    圣誕節祝福語英文簡短 圣誕節快樂祝福語英語

      1、平安之夜的使者,向你報一聲平安,帶著盈盈的相思,帶著溫馨的祝愿,祝福你圣誕快樂!The messenger of Peace Night, give you a message of peace, with full of love, with warm wishes, and wish you a merry Christmas! uuuuuuuuuuuu

      2、這些天來一直有個問題困惑著我:你明明不是母雞,為什么人人都要祝你生蛋快樂?These days, I have been puzzled by a question: You are clearly not a hen, why do everyone want to wish you a happy laying of eggs?

      3、平安之夜的使者,向你報一聲平安,讓這祥和的旋律,伴隨你度過今晚。The messenger of peace night, peace to you, let this peaceful melody accompany you through tonight.

      4、一生何求?桃李遍天下。短信傳情,師恩永在我心。祝您圣誕工作順利,健康幸福!Why do you want your life? Have pupils everywhere. The message is transmitted to me. I wish you a happy and healthy Christmas.

      5、圣誕節就是外國神仙老大的生日,而中國一些凡人非要去湊熱鬧的日子。祝你圣誕快樂。Christmas is the birthday of the foreign immortal boss, while some Chinese mortals are going to join in the busy days. I wish you a merry Christmas.

      6、圣誕樹上飄落的雪花,帶給你豐潤的來年;圣誕樹上搖擺的禮物,映照著你燦爛的笑臉。The snowflakes falling on the Christmas tree bring you a rich new year; the gifts swinging on the Christmas tree reflect your brilliant smiling face.

      7、有了你,我的一生才精彩!謝謝你!我的老師!祝您圣誕快樂!With you, my life is wonderful! Thank you! My teacher! Merry Christmas to you!

      8、你知道圣誕老人在哪里嗎?去年他拿走了我的襪子!你也要小心呀!圣誕快樂,平安夜快樂!Do you know where Santa is? Last year he took away my socks. You have to be careful! Merry Christmas and happy Christmas Eve!

      9、愿圣誕不僅是你歡笑的時刻,更是你欣喜的日子。祝福你。May Christmas be a time for laughter and real enjoyment for you. Bless you.

      10、圣誕節,把襪子翻過來,里朝外,掛在床邊,整個世界便都是你的禮物。At Christmas, turn your socks over and hang them outside the bed. The whole world is your gift.

      11、圣誕樹上耀眼的彩燈,祈禱你平安一生;圣誕夜里悠揚的鐘聲,祝福你快樂一生。The bright lights on the Christmas tree pray for your safe life; the melodious bells on Christmas Eve wish you a happy life.

      12、我相信,祝福,就是我們需要的;能夠祝福的,都是可愛的。在至愛的圣誕節,深深地祝福你!I believe that blessing is what we need; what we can bless is lovable. I wish you all the best of Christmas.

      13、給你特別的祝福!愿你平安夜里開心,這個特別的日子里??鞓?!愿美麗與幸福陪伴在左右!Special wishes for you! I wish you peace and happiness at night, this special day. Happy! May beauty and happiness be with you!

      14、圣誕快樂,并不是只在特別的日子才會想起你,但是圣誕節的時候,一定會讓你收到我的祝福。Merry Christmas, not only on special days will I think of you, but Christmas time, will let you receive my blessings.

      15、我現在特別希望自己變老!是不是很奇怪,因為今晚你沒有理由不愛一個老人!I really want to grow old now! Is it strange that you have no reason to not love an old man tonight?

      16、這是我發給你的三天后的信息,別偷看哦,叫你別看,還看,祝你圣誕快樂!This is the message I sent you three days later. Don't peek at it. Please don't peek at it. Look at it again. Happy Christmas to you! uuuuuuuu

      17、平安夜,升好爐火,掛好襪子,準備迎接――滿臉煙囪灰的我的到來。On Christmas Eve, raise the fire and hang up socks to prepare for the arrival of the chimney dust.

      18、圣誕節了,你眼里有珠,珠里也一定要有我!Christmas, you have beads in your eyes, you must have me in the Pearl!

      19、所有的.祝福在圣誕夜你會收到,所有的音樂在圣誕夜你會聽到,因我的祝福是用心的!All the blessings you will receive on Christmas Eve, all the music you will hear on Christmas Eve, because my blessings are intentional!

      20、平安夜,祝你平平安安;圣誕夜,愿你幸??鞓?;狂歡夜,讓我們一起狂歡!Christmas Eve, wish you peace; Christmas Eve, wish you happiness; Carnival night, let us revel together!

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